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Hester Peirce

Commissioner, Securities and Exchange Commission

Brian Brooks, JD

Chief Legal Officer, Coinbase

George Gilder

Author and Chairman, Gilder Publishing LLC

Phillip Liu

COO, Bitmain

Paul Brodsky

Partner, Pantera

Cory Klippsten

Founder, GiveBitcoin | Advisor, Adaptive Capital

Vineer Bhansali, Ph.D.

Founder and CIO, LongTail Alpha

Noreen Clancy, MS

Senior Policy Analyst, RAND Corporation

Jennifer Mitrenga

VP of Investor Relations and Strategic Initiatives, Figure Technologies

Rahilla Zafar

Managing Director, ConsenSys

Robert Haastrup-Timmi

Chief Visionary Officer & Founder, Blockchain Company

Daniel Leon

COO & Co-Founder, Celsius Network

Marc Boiron, JD/MBA

Partner, Fisher Broyles

Michael Terpin

CEO, Transform Group; Founder, BitAngels; Partner, Alphabit Fund | Top 40 Blockchain Influencers of 2018

Robin Sosnow, JD/MBA

Principal, Law Office of Robin Sosnow PLLC

Matt Gertler, JD/MBA

General Counsel, Reserve

Marc Goroff, Ph.D.

CTO of Quorum Labs and XEEDA

Mark Moss

Co-Founder, Signal Profits

Kelley Weaver

Founder and CEO, Melrose PR

Tim Spangler, Ph.D.

Partner, Financial Services Group at Dechert LLP

Kevin Maloney, MBA

Co-Founder, International Executive Council

Olga Mack

VP of Strategy, Quantstamp, Inc.

Darren Marble

CEO, Issuance

Enzo Villani

Managing Partner, Transform Strategies

Hunter Gebron

Director of Strategic Initiatives, MetaX

Kinsey Cronin

VP of Business Development, Prime Trust

Nelson Chu

Founder & CEO, Cadence

Gene Massey

CEO, MediaShares

Puneet V. Kakkar

Assistant United States Attorney, OCDETF

Jordan Davis, CFP

Director of Business Development, TokenSoft

Marc Wade

Co-Founder & Chairman, White Shark

Logan Allin

General Partner, Fin VC

Christan Hasker

CMO, Hedera Hashgraph

Adam Blumberg, CFP

Certified Family Business Specialist, Chart Wealth Management

Christian Kameir

Managing Partner, Sustany Capital

Colleen Sullivan

Partner & CEO, CMT Digital Holdings LLC

Daniel Gorfine

Chief Innovation Officer and Director, LabCFTC, U.S. Commodity Futures Trading Commission

Kristina Bruhahn

COO & Co-Founder, CoinGenius

David Howie

Founder, Tellus Title Company

Charles Robinson

CEO, Dot.Money

Alon Goren

Founding Partner, Goren Holm Ventures