Final agenda and speakers are subject to change.
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07:30 AM- 08:45 AM

Registration and Complimentary Breakfast Buffet

08:45 AM

Welcome & Introduction

Timothy Spangler, ON:chain19

Tim Spangler, Ph.D.

The Power of Blockchain

08:50 AM

Life After Blockchain

George Gilder

George Gilder

09:10 AM

The Hardware-Software Nexis

Phillip Liu, Bitmain

Phillip Liu

09:25 AM

Blockchain and Emerging Markets

Rahilla Zafar, ConsenSys

Rahilla Zafar

09:40 AM

Blockchain Investing

Christian Kameir, Sustany Capital

Christian Kameir

09:55 AM

Brief Announcement – Alon Goren, GHV Ventures


Alon Goren

Digital Assets

10:15 AM


Kevin Maloney, ON:chain19

Kevin Maloney, MBA

10:20 AM

Navigating a Widening Array of Digital Assets

Brian Brooks, Coinbase

Brian Brooks, JD

10:35 AM

The End of Crypto?

Paul Brodsky, Pantera Capital

Paul Brodsky

10:50 AM

Valuing Cryptocurrencies

Daniel Gorfine, Commodity Futures Trading Commission

Daniel Gorfine

11:05 AM

Secure Innovation in Digital Assets

Olga Mack, Quantstamp

Olga Mack

11:15 AM


Innovating Financial Markets

11:35 AM


Timothy Spangler, ON:chain19

Tim Spangler, Ph.D.

11:40 AM

Beyond the Hype – How Blockchain Changes Everything

Jennifer Maymon, Figure

Jennifer Mitrenga

11:50 AM

The Simplicity of Blockchain Technology – Where people have been so steered wrong

Marc Wade, White Shark

Marc Wade

12:00 PM

Placing Blockchain in Context

Vineer Bhansali, Long Tail Alpha

Vineer Bhansali, Ph.D.

12:15 PM

Blockchain’s Untapped Potential

Daniel Leon, Celsius Network

Daniel Leon

12:30 PM

LUNCH – Sponsored by Sustany Capital

Regulatory Challenges and Opportunities

01:30 PM


Timothy Spangler, ON:chain19

Tim Spangler, Ph.D.

01:35 PM

Keynote Speech (with Q&A session)

SEC Commissioner Hester Peirce (LIVE by VIDEO from WASHINGTON, DC)

Hester Peirce

02:05 PM

Digital Assets and Money Laundering Concerns

Puneet V. Kakkar, Assistant US Attorney

Puneet V. Kakkar

02:20 PM

Fireside Chat – Policy Engagement, Regulatory Concerns, and Emerging Trends in Blockchain

  • Noreen Clancy, Rand Corp
  • Colleen Sullivan, CMT Digital
Noreen Clancy, MS
Colleen Sullivan

02:35 AM


Building Successful Blockchain Companies

02:50 PM


Kevin Maloney, ON:chain19

Kevin Maloney, MBA

02:55 PM

How Blockchain Changes FinTech

Logan Allin, FinVC

Logan Allin

03:05 PM

Fireside Chat – Basic Legal Advice for Blockchain Start-Ups: 5 things to Tell Every Founder

Marc Boiron, Fisher Broyles
Matt Gertler, Reserve

Marc Boiron, JD/MBA
Matt Gertler, JD/MBA

03:20 PM

Disrupting Real Estate and Finance

  • Gene Massey, MediaShares (moderator)
  • David Howie, Tellus Title
  • Kristina Bruhahn, CoinGenius
  • Robert Haastrup-Timmi, Blockchain Company
  • Nelson Chu, Cadence
Gene Massey
David Howie
Robert Haastrup-Timmi
Nelson Chu
Kristina Bruhahn

03:45 PM

Fireside Chat – Fighting Ad Fraud with Blockchain

Hunter Gebron, Meta X
Kelley Weaver, Melrose PR

Kelley Weaver
Hunter Gebron

04:00 PM

Making Digital Assets Easy and Secure for Consumers

Marc Goroff, Xeeda

Marc Goroff, Ph.D.

04:10 PM


Looking Forward

04:25 PM


Timothy Spangler, ON:chain19

Tim Spangler, Ph.D.

04:30 PM

Digital Assets for the Masses; Trends, Tools, and Best Practices

  • Robin Sosnow, Robin Sosnow PLLC (moderator)
  • Michael Terpin, Transform Group
  • Kinsey Cronin, Prime Trust
  • Cory Klippsten, GiveBitcoin / Adaptive Capital
  • Darren Marble, Issuance
Michael Terpin
Robin Sosnow, JD/MBA
Darren Marble
Cory Klippsten
Kinsey Cronin

04:55 PM

Fireside Chat – Beyond Blockchain

Charles Robinson, Dot.Money & Christian Hasker, Hedera Hashgraph

Christan Hasker
Charles Robinson

05:10 PM

Beyond Crypto – The Case for Decentralized Finance

  • Enzo Villani, Transform Group (moderator)
  • Jordan Davis,
  • Adam Blumberg ET.Consulting
  • Mark Moss, Signal Profits
Mark Moss
Enzo Villani
Jordan Davis, CFP
Adam Blumberg, CFP

05:30 PM

Thanks and Future ON:chain Events

Kevin Maloney, ON:chain19

Kevin Maloney, MBA

05:30 PM – 07:30 PM

NETWORKING RECEPTION (Beverages, Appetizers, Entertainment – Private Waterfront Lawn)

Final agenda and speakers are subject to change without notice. ON:chain19 conference includes complimentary WiFi, breakfast, lunch, and closing reception with open bar, appetizers, and entertainment on the private waterfront lawn.