May 23, 2019

Engaging family offices, investment professionals, and industry leaders in robust discussions about the impact of blockchain on financial markets, institutional transactions, portfolio construction, and consumer behavior.

At ON:chain19, you will learn about the diverse and surprising ways in which blockchain and other distributed ledger technologies are disrupting financial markets and transforming the way in which people and companies invest, save, transact, and plan for their futures. Join us and begin planning how you can best prepare for the next opportunities involving blockchain, finance, and digital assets.

In the Audience: Up to 500 Guests including Family Offices, Investment Professionals, Academics, Industry Leaders, and Entrepreneurs.

A portion of the proceeds will benefit Girls Who Code.

IMPACT conference Las Vegas

ON:chain19 Conference Topics

The Power of Blockchain

Digital Assets

Innovating Financial Markets

Investment Opportunities

An Internet of Value

Facing Down Regulatory Challenges

Conversations for ON:chain19

  • Why Blockchain is so Transformative
  • Understanding the Math of Crypto
  • Real Estate Disruptors
  • Addressing Regulator Concerns
  • Building Better Companies for Web 3.0
  • Women in Blockchain
  • Financial Inclusion & the World’s 2.5 Billion Unbanked
  • Public Policy Priorities for Digital Assets
  • Millennials and Crypto
  • Creative Industries and Blockchain

World Class Speakers Transforming the Blockchain Landscape

  • Founders and Risk Takers
  • C-Suite Leadership
  • Regulators and Public Policy Influencers
  • Innovators and Trend Makers
  • Thought Leaders
  • Next Generation Influencers

IMPACT conference Las Vegas

Are You a Young, Motivated Disrupter Seeking to Use Blockchain to Change Your World?

Let us know about your interest in blockchain and financial innovation.

ON:chain19 is looking for exceptional, high caliber students and individuals 23 years old and younger to attend our flagship event in Newport Beach and contribute to the conversations. A limited number of sponsored tickets are available. If you think you have something unique and amazing to add to our discussions, apply today!

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Balboa Bay Resort

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